Hey, Hey. My name is Phil Bowyer.
I Do Cool Stuff At BoozeHound

The Man, The Myth the, umm, Legend?

At the age of 14, I was the youngest member of our small volunteer fire department. My career in the fire service lasted about a decade before I started on a journey filled with entrepreneurial adventures.

In 1989 I worked as talent and technical director with some of the most popular television directors on a low budget USA orginal movie about the San Fransisco earthquake, an episode of Family Man and Perfect Strangers.

In 2006 I cofounded Phibble, which started as a music company and led to a full entertainment company, which failed and taught me more than I could ever imagine. Today, I do all sorts of cool, creative stuff at BoozeHound, an entertainment and apparel company I cofounded along with my wife Kate. Together, with a little help from our friends, we create short films, television shows, books and one of a kind apparel.

Fun Facts About Me

1) I'm a metalhead (one who loves hard rock and heavy metal)
2) My favorite beer is from a little place in Moscow, ID called "Paradise Stout"
3) I'm married to the hottest blonde ever who is as smart as she is hot
4) I have four kids, who are all adults now
5) I love whiskey - rye, bourbon, scotch (in that order)
6) I love spicy foods
7) My Great Grandfather was on the jury who convicted Al Capone
8) The house I grew up in used to be a Speakeasy
9) I love old 60's and 70's muscle cars (anything '69 gets my vote)
10) I think most rules are bullshit, so I make my own.

What Am I Doing Now, Now, Now?

You're Mom! No, actually I'm working on the following projects:

1) A video series called Spaghetti Noodle, which has puppets and shit.
2) A video series called Headcase, which doesn't have puppets, but it's still cool.
3) A Seasonal Bar Guide
4) New episodes of the Lazy Bartender, which stars my hot wife I was talking about earlier.
5) A documentary about a rock band from Sweden
6) A book on how to loose weight and become healthy having sex and consuming nothing but junk food and booze (no not really, but I bet you'd buy that one wouldn't ya).

Contact Me?

I'm not that into the whole email thing, but if you want to connect all you have to do is hit me up on your favorite social network. I'd love to hear from ya. All my links are below.

Rule Breaking Books